Convert PDF to Video in a snap

Create instructional videos by directly importing your PDF documents


PDF to support videos

With WowTo, you can now convert your PDF to video documents in just one click! Give your audience the convenience of listening to a guided video instead of reading through PDFs.

Use cases

Create Video Guides

Make all the step-by-step how to guides documented as PDF more engaging by converting them to video with AI voice over.

  • Create videos in multiple languages.
  • Add annotations to better explain the instructions and drive the focus of the viewer.


Create Video Documents

Add AI voice over explainers to your PDF documents by converting them to video and use them for collaborating in remote meetings. Send an explainer video in addition to your PDF proposal over email to add that additional clarity and save on meeting time.

Create Video Manuals

Most products come with a PDF manual which are quite lengthy and not-so-friendly to read through. Convert the PDF manuals to engaging video manuals and delight your customers.