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Build an efficient high speed and professional video knowledge base in minutes using WowTo with features made for hosting support videos.

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Layouts to suit your need

Choose a layout based on your use case

You can instantly switch your knowledge base appearance between 8 different layouts based on design or use case. For example there is a YouTube like layout, Academy layout for customer training, Category theme for helpcenters

YouTube layout


Academy layout


Poster layout


Category layout

Category list

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Work as a team

Creating an extensive video knowledge base can be accelerated by working together as a team. With no restrictions on sharing, you can invite as many members on your team to create videos for your knowledge base.

Features made
for How-tos

Blazing Fast Search


Help your customers quickly find what they are looking for, using WowTo's searchable video knowledge base, that works super fast.

Global Video Settings


Configure options at one place for all your videos in the knowledge base - like enabling subtitles, choosing the default language option, adding a video watermark, and more.


Bring Knowledge base right inside your app

Use the WowTo Video Knowledge base widget inside your Intercom messenger app or the standalone widget to bring support one step closer to your users.


2 ways to add videos

Upload your own videos to knowledge base


If you have an existing collection of videos from Loom, Synthesia, or any custom videos, you can upload them directly and create a video knowledge base instantly.

Use WowTo editor to create support videos


Use our AI powered video editor designed for creating support videos so your support staff can create, maintain videos without assistance