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Create multi-lingual training videos for your global organisation. Break the language barriers and effectively train your employees right from onboarding to up-skilling.

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A video editor developed for creating training videos

Anybody with no prior video experience can create training videos. With its easy interface and AI voice-over, create training videos in minutes and not days.

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Benefits with WowTo

reduce cost
Reduce Training costs
No expensive studios or voice over artists involved.
Update videos like doc
Update videos like doc
Click and update the specific part of the video with new changes.
Convert PPT to video
Convert Powerpoint to HowTo
Automatically convert your existing PPTs to videos with voice-over.

Streamlined training & Development

Create streamlined and efficient training videos with WowTo

With WowTo

Anybody can create Training videos, no special skills required
Create step-by-step video guides effectively with minimal effort
Employees can search or list contents of a training video just like a document

Better Engagement

Already have training material?. No worries, convert your existing PDF guides and presentations to videos with a single click in WowTo.

Videos are proven to increase the retention levels
Self-maintain training videos with minimal costs and dependencies
97% of the employees prefer watching a video to reading a textual documentation.

Create training videos super quickly

Why choose WowTo ?

Easy to create

No technical or creative knowledge required.

AI voiceovers

300+ options of multi-lingual AI voice overs

Easy to update

Update specific steps without recreating the entire video.

Easy to share

Share with a link, or embed, or download.

With WowTo, time taken to create and maintain training videos is far less compared to other video editors

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