Create a Video knowledge base

WowTo helps you create a video knowledge base for your customers. Even your support team can now make HowTo videos
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Reduce support tickets
Make short videos on specific features providing users help all time
Helpful support videos
Videos are proven to be more specific and provide better clarity
Improve user adoption
Onboard users to your software with  quick walkthroughs and feature tours

Create annotated UI walkthroughs

90% of the support centre articles are step-by-step guides. Now with the same effort, you can create support videos and that too in multiple languages.

Point out action points with arrows, shapes and animated stickers
Add focus on specific sections with a lens zoom or dark/light overlays
Cut out sensitive information with blur, pixelize or black out effects.
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Capture workflows with our Chrome Extension

Creating support videos for specific workflows becomes easier if you install the WowTo Chrome extension.

Capture each step of the workflow along with text for your script. Once done, your video is ready!

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Wow Video Player

Introducing all-new VO button in addition to subtitles. That means, your users can now listen to the support videos in their language
Like a document, customers can search the video or goto a particular step with WowTo video player
Easily embed your HowTos in your support portal or share it to your customers directly with a link.
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Perfect choice for customer support videos

Create the video once and translate it to multiple languages with a click. The video player automatically detects the locale of the users and plays the video in their language.

Why choose WowTo ?

Easy to create

No technical or creative knowledge required.

AI voiceovers

300+ options of multi-lingual AI voice overs

Easy to update

Update specific steps without recreating the entire video.

Easy to share

Share with a link, or embed, or download.

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