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Audio-Visual is a great platform to engage and educate curious minds. Be it educational presentations for your class or video tutorials for learning new tools or even teaching new skills to a wider audience, WowTo helps you create videos for all in minutes, and the best part is, it requires no technical knowledge.
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Show your students the new way of learning.

With WowTo, you can create your own video lessons and tutorials without the need for expensive production teams.

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Maximize Student Attention

Self-paced learning

With the WowTo video player, students can directly move to a specific part in the lesson, just like chapters in a book.

Emphasis with voice-over

Using voice-overs with video has been shown to increase students’ retention and ability to understand better.

Highlight important concepts

Use the annotator to bring in text elements, shapes and, zoom specific parts in images to highlight important concepts

Cut-off cognitive load

Keep the videos simple without flashy animations to keep the learner's focus and to minimise distractions.

Types of educational videos you can create with WowTo

Video Tutorials

Create video tutorials within minutes using screenshots or screen recording and share easily.

Instructional Videos

Record your class live and add instructions as script and start your online class today.

Explainer Videos

Create short videos to explain specific concepts and share with your class.

Video Lessons

Add voice-overs to your animations and to boost student's interest.

Why choose WowTo ?

Easy to create

No technical or creative knowledge required.

AI voiceovers

300+ options of multi-lingual AI voice overs

Easy to update

Update specific steps without recreating the entire video.

Easy to share

Share with a link, or embed, or download.

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