Convert Screen Recordings to Support videos

Create professional video tutorials by importing your existing screen recordings with WowTo.


Turn raw screen recordings into actual support videos

With WowTo, you can convert your simple screen recordings with voice over in any language to professional HowTo videos to use as video tutorials, training videos, support videos and more, in just a click.


Convert Speech to Text

Do the screen recording with voice over in any language and import them in WowTo to have the speech convert to text script. You can then choose to create videos in several other languages and also make any ammends to the voice over.



Edit video online

Make video edits like adding an intro/extro screen, break screens, delete certain parts of the screen recording, etc using WowTo's easy online video editor. You can also add annotations to the video, blur/pixelate/ black-out certain parts of the video with WowTo.

Make voice over corrections

Whenever there are corrections/updates required in the voice over for your screen recording, you often have to repeat the entire process again. Convert to WowTo videos with AI voice over to make easy voice over corrections.