Convert Screen Recordings to HowTo videos

With WowTo, you can convert your simple screen recordings to professional HowTos to use as video tutorials, training videos, support videos and more.

Import recordings / video

Record your screen with any screen recording software , even Apple QuickTime


Split recording into steps

Break the screen recording to multiple steps by navigating the progress bar and clicking on 'Break video' button.

This make it easy to edit your HowTo, sync script, add in-line intros and transition effects.


Convert speech to text

If you have recorded your voice in the screen recording, remember to choose 'Convert to script' option and choose the language/dialect of the audio.


Here is a sample created from recording:


Convert speech to text
Your voice gets auto converted to script for AI voiceover
Add intros, split steps & more
With our easy-to-use editor, edit your screen recording like a Pro!
No re-recordings
Edit voice literally like editing a text document

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