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WowTo helps you create support, training and educational videos that your viewers can listen in their preferred language.
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write howto once, play in multiple languagesAdd voice to your HowTos with AIVideo editor made for creating HowTo videosIn 3 easy steps, create HowTo videos
HowTo image for removing background in Adobe Photoshop
HowTo video editor timeline

No Technical or Creative knowledge required

Video creation tool, designed for making step-by-step HowTo videos - no confusing timelines or keyframes.

Choose from 300 plus AI voiceoversSound-wave

Add natural AI lifelike voice over

Save time and money with human like neural AI voices to explain your HowTo with over 300+ options to choose from.

Update HowTo videos like editing text

Never restart from scratch to update your videos

Oops, need a speech correction or include changes from product UI update ? Just change the corresponding step and generate the video again. No time-consuming redos!

Not just subtitles, let your viewers hear in their language

With WowTo's write once and play in multiple languages technology, reach a global audience so they hear in their locale and not read your videos.
Replace [CC] with [VO]

Made for How-Tos

Just add your screenshots, type your script and WowTo does all the rest!

Add images/videos to create steps

Upload screenshots or screen recordings, or import images from integrations like unsplash, web search etc.

add stock images, videos or from templates
Type your script and convert it to voice

Type script for each step.

Auto-translate to multiple languages, and let the AI do the talking!

Generate video !

Many ways to share your Wow-To - video link, embed to portal or upload to YouTube!


More Features


Built-in annotator

Visually point out the content with annotations & use effects like blur, zoom...


Background Music

Add a soothing background music to your videos for a pleasant audio experience



Use slick motion effects between steps in your How-to videos

Samples created with WowTo

Easily create annotated walkthrough videos for your support portal.

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Create onboarding, instructional and training videos for your organization.

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Video Tutorials and Explainer videos that makes learning more engaging.

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Convert your product descriptions to videos and increase your sales.

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For all your HowTos !  Video content for your YouTube , blogs, and social media.

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